Betty Pellatz is chairperson of the Board of the Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association. She has been a rancher in the area for over 50 years. Frank Eathorne is vice-chair and Jewell Reed is the Secretary/Treasurer. They, along with Board members Lona Nachtman and Joan Neumiller have been ranchers in the area for many years.  Wanda Burget with Norwest Corportation is also a member of the Board.

Planning Session - Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association
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Advisory Committee
The board has established an Advisory Committee.  Advisory Committee members provide voluntary assistance to the Association.  Current members of the Advisory Committee include:

Steve Daniels, Ph.D.
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

Clarene Law
Wyoming State House
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Larry Fox
Operations Consultant and Former President  Powder River Coal Company
Belleville, Illinois

Jerry McIlwain
Consultant and Endangered Species Biologist
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Bob Green
Director of Sustainability
Rio Tinto Energy America
Gillette, Wyoming

David Pashley, Ph.D.
Vice President Conservation Programs
American Bird Conservancy
The Plains, Virginia

Jon Haufler
Executive Director
Ecosystem Management Research Institute
Seeley Lake, Montana

Ted Toombs
Wildlife Ecologist
Environmental Defense Fund
Boulder, Colorado

Bill Wall, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Wildlife International Conservation Assoc
Seeley Lake, Montana


Legal Counsel 

The Board obtains legal counsel from Connie Brooks.  Connie has a strong background in assisting private landowners with planning and endangered species issues.

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